Winter Camp and Vacation

Only 3 more days left of the winter camp English classes! I can’t wait to be finished with them. The winter camp at this school is way more awesome than at my previous school. My previous school’s winter camp consisted of: two weeks, the same 3-7 kids, two hours a day, for a total of twenty 50-minute lesson plans. At my new school, my winter camp lasts for three weeks. I have 1-3 classes (30+ kids) every day, but it’s all different classes (25 total). Which means I only have to teach one 50-minute lesson plan (well technically I had to teach two.) I think that’s BEYOND awesome.

Boggle, anyone?

Today, was a rare day with 0 classes, so I thought I’d make the most of it and go to a hospital about my hives. I ended up going to a total of 3 (!) different hospitals. The first hospital is the biggest hospital in Gumi and it’s a university hospital (which are usually top hospitals if you’re not in Seoul). So I went in with high hopes, but got told that the skin doctor isn’t there on Tuesdays. And ONLY on Tuesdays, mind you. WTF. So, I went to another hospital, a different university hospital. Unfortunately, this one didn’t even have a skin specialist. So…we went to a big hospital near my home. It was the same story as the second place: no skin doctors. Maybe later this week I’ll be able to make it back to that university hospital. If not, it looks like I’m SOL until after my vacation…

Speaking of which, my vacation starts Saturday! For those of you that don’t know, Sunday marks the first day of the Lunar Year Year (Chinese New Year as most others refer to it). It’s a 3 day affair and possibly the biggest, family-centered holiday in Korea (with Chuseok being a close second). All Koreans MUST be with family, and I’ve been invited to join a friend’s family for the last day (after the formal ceremonies are over). After the 3 day holiday, on Wednesday, I will head to Incheon Airport to visit my family in Texas.

downtown Dallas

I’m not very ‘excited’ about going back. I honestly do not miss the states very much. I don’t have many ‘close’ friends that I miss, and a lot of my better friends are not even in San Antonio/Dallas. So, yeah, visiting my friends isn’t a priority. I’m going back because I miss my family…I haven’t seen them since July 2010. (Time sure does fly.) There are definitely some food places that I miss, so the itinerary I’ve created is centered around one place to eat and one place to go every day.

Downtown San Antonio River Center Mall

While creating this extremely loose and flexible itinerary, I talked to my Korean friends about being a ‘guest’ again and my family insisting that I choose places I want to see for my trip. They were surprised that I wasn’t just going to tag along with my family. In Korea, a guest is subjected to the whims of their host. While in America, hosts typically try to cater to the guest’s interests.  CRAZY!


  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    That sounds pretty awesome. I am sure you two will have fun. I never really thought about the whole cultural difference, but it does make everything a little more clear now…Also, I know your a bit away, but there is a skin doctor here in Daegu that speaks English. Keep up the posts.

    1. Do you know the number or business name? I might have to go after vacation because of classes and the holiday. Thanks for reading! ^^

  2. Your upcoming vacation with your guy sounds pretty exciting! And I don’t blame you both for being nervous — sounds like the right kind of recipes to make you each most feel that way, but I’m sure you guys will be fine.

    I hope you both have lots of fun, and travel safely!

    Oh, and good luck with those hives :-/

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